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Sunday, 20 July 2014

(Re)live your life

Have you ever heard an idea so simple, that it surprises you how thoroughly it can change your outlook on life?

I heard it the first time on a podcast on productivity, but it popped up again on zen habits' last post. This little idea is to ask yourself one question before you do anything. The question:

How will I feel about this once the day's over?

The version I heard on this podcast was to ask yourself at the beginning of the day:

What would I do differently if I lived this day again?

I bet the answer wouldn't be 'Oh, spend a couple more hours mindlessly browsing Facebook, maybe watch some more TV on Netflix.'

How easy it is to let a day pass you by in mindlessness. And you watch the weeks and months disappear in front of your eyes. And you find yourself saying, all the time, 'Gosh, has it been a year since that happened, already? How time flies.' And you wonder what you've got to show for it, with a slight sense of unease.

Asking this question reminds you that you are a making a choice.

So, what's it going to be?

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